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See all sizes! InstaVase
See all sizes! InstaVase

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Great Storage!

Safe(no glass)!


MakeMeHappy! is the exclusive supplier of Distinctive Floral Products including the unique InstaVase and the amazing Musical Mistletoe.
InstaVase is a foldable, safety vase. Non-breakable, light weight, reusable, incredible space saver and you can personalize with your logo, event or just as a craft.

Perfect for Caterers, Party planners, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing homes, all homeowners and especially point of sale such as supermarkets.

Flower delivery is a natural. No more breaking, chipping vases in the truck, store or milk crate as you bring them to the tables. Put 50 deliveries in truck insted of 10. Light weight so you can carry 30 vases to tables at once insted of 6 at a time. Now store 30 vases in the same space as you currently store 1! Available in Clear, red, pink, green, purple, and blue. We can also provide your special color at your request.

Make InstaVase your everyday vase. Reclaim your cabinets!  Replace those 4 $2 vases that clog up your cabinets with 4 Fold A Vases that you slip in a draw and reclaim that cabinet now!

MakeMeHappy! will always strive to bring you quality products and on-time delivery at reasonable prices.  We work with the best sources in the U.S. and around the world. 

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