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10.5" Kisses w/ 2 suction cups (120)
Available Colors
12.5" 1 Doz. Roses (160)

9.25" (140)
10" (150)
12.5" (160)


15.5" (170)
17" (180)
6 Vase Package Set (190) Clear Only

All styles are available in Clear, Green, Pink, Blue, Red and Violet.  Ask about other colors to personalize your vases!

 See Orders page for ordering information.

    Great benefits of InstaVase are that they are designer styled, non-breakable, and space saving, storing flat.  Safe around kids, pets, the elderly, and clumsy husbands.  Perfect for a gift, home use, apartments, restaurants, pool areas, hospitals, RV's, hotels, parties, promotional items, senior communities, assisted living, nursing homes, travel, campers, boats and many more.  

InstaVase is a fun, light, non-breakable glass look-alike vase for all of your floral decorating needs.  This amazing unique vase comes in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your floral inspirations whatever and whenever it strikes you.  The amazing InstaVase stores flat.  You simply use hot water to make it pliable and transform it's shape into that of a vase.  InstaVase is fully reusable.  It will last through many cycles of use and storage.   InstaVase is very durable.  Use with any type of flowers. Thorns will not hurt the InstaVase.  When your flowers expire, use warm water again to reshape the InstaVase back to it's flat storage mode.  You get a cabinet back at no extra charge.

InstaVase may be personalized with initials, company logos, event names and dates, and custom colors.  Contact Make Me Happy for availability and pricing.

Start enjoying your flowers more.